SHARES Share TweetBy Anuja RanaAfter years of research, chemists have come up with the most important lab report in chemistry. It is the use of alkaline bases to convert fats into organic and inorganic compounds. People used to perform an alkaline-acid test to determine the authenticity of their food or beverage products. More recently, chemists have turned their focus towards molecules. Although they have been used by chemists for centuries, people have not fully understood the chemical processes that take place when molecules are created, broken down and recombined. However, through scientific research, a way has been found to create organic molecules from, among other substances.The alkaline cycle in plants, bacteria and other microorganisms uses the following five bases to make and maintain energy levels for the life forms. In organic molecules, these bases are:ArgonArginineCystineFluorineMethionineA while back, scientists realized that they can conduct alkaline chemistry by providing an environment in aqueous medium. An acidic medium makes the bases less attractive to some bacteria and enzyme-catalyzed reactions. When it comes to creating organic molecules from an acidic medium, different enzymes are required. These are known as catalyst enzymes, which break down specific molecules to create the desired compound. If a catalyst is not available, then the creation of organic acids in the right concentrations from an alkaline reaction is not possible. As a result, inorganic chemicals can not be formed.However, through the research process, an alkaline base was discovered to be valuable in organic synthesis. This base is used in turning fats and oils into compounds that are non-unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Humans can use this base to make complex products such as fuel cells and biologically effective drugs. The products of an alkaline cycle are also used by bacteria to make molecules that form the base for making phosphoride and bromophenol.Thanks to the alkaline cycle, we can make many useful compounds, including:Cod liver oilEgg yolk oilProteinsLiverAll-Natural Anti-bacterial and Antibacterial agentsGMO freeTrans FatFats are starting to make a lot of people anxious, especially those who are not of healthy body type. To be precise, alkaline bases play a significant role in the formation of the fat rich, and the life-saving compounds that make our body functions effective. These are:CholesterolTaurineAcidic acidThe alkaline acid determines the structure and effectiveness of the fatty acids in animal fats and plant fats. This makes the cholesterol a very unique natural compound that can serve a positive function in our body. More so, it acts as a drug-like substance by improving the heart health process of the internal organs. The liver, it is believed, has very much a role in producing the excellent chemical compound; thus, it plays the role of neutralizing unhealthy materials in the body by neutralizing various chemical compounds that are harmful to the human body. The appearance of phosphoride in your bromophenol product is because of the phosphoride’s requirement in the formation of phosphoric acid, which is one of the best acid bases for making phosphoride.Therefore, when you add alkaline acid to your fat-tyrined vegetable, animal or other fats, it makes them very strong and help them to add more nutrients to the organs of the body. The rest of the body tends to find the added materials in the process of eliminating unhealthy substances from it.Most people find the use of alkaline bases an intriguing idea, and it is worth knowing more about it. This article will look at how alkaline bases have various uses, and you will also find out more about the reaction between the acid base and phosphoride. Reading more about chemistry courses will help boost your comprehension of it, and more importantly, you will pass on the needed skills to others. Read on!References:- http://www.orthomolecular.org/documents//%James%concentrating%electrical%theory/chapter%/chapter%/why.htm- http://www.umich.edu/rlo/regents/cdph/generaleducation/undergraduateprocedures/phdformatics.pdf- http://punctuate.com/Punctuate/.htm- http://www.norsk.no/nesu/med/firstaid/acidbalancing/acidbalancingacidbasics.htm- htt

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